Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Today I dyed 15 colors, here are some of them on my kitchen floor! It will take me a while to wash them all out, by hand..... oh my aching back. When I get them all washed, dried and ironed I will take pictures again! When I dye I pretty much use all the dye in a day, sometimes I will put it in the fridge but since its not easy for me to get more I don't want to waste it. At least I'm getting a jump on all the fabrics Ill need for Nancys classes!

I also took a photo of my kitchen.... notice the cooker? Thats right, no oven! Im cooking much more these days, all though it is still cheaper to eat out!

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Anybeth said...

that's a huge difference from your old kitchen. It's great, it's more like a workshop for your fabrics!