Thursday, 29 May 2008

I just got my 500 meters of cotton from testfabrics!!!! That was a chore in its self with the shipping and customs.... but its here! I was down to my last 50 mts. I hope that I can find somewhere here that makes 100% cotton, but its not easy! Maybe Ill have to go back to India!
I have been starting to dye for my 2 weeks with Nancy Crow in Sept. I can see what colors I like to dye.... I need to round out my collection! I will see hoe much it costs to ship it other wise Ill have to pay for over weight luggage!!!
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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

This is pretty much how we've been feeling of late! Its 99 degrees with 98 humidity! It does cool down to a lovely 80 at night!?

Its tough to work in my studio, I have no air con and I get the morning sun in there. I find myself getting up earlier and earlier so I can get some work done!
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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I have had to delete a few photos from my blog because they are of quilts I would like to enter in a couple of shows.
I got an email from one show that said if they google my name and the name of the quilt and it comes up then it will be disqualified!!!! So I guess I wont be posting some of my new works.... hummm, that's kind of a drag, I like sharing and getting every ones in put!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Test Two!

Here I added some fusing.... but to the wrong side so I guess I dont really need it, its too late to put on the front.

I clipped waaaaay into the inside corners and I think it does look better but I can see one little stitch right at the inside point, any way to get rid of that? I am ok with the outside corners or do you think they need to be pointier?

Thank you to everyone that has helped me!!!!! I will try to work on the real thing this week!!!! I am going to try the facing that Alison has on her blog....
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Thursday, 8 May 2008

This is a test

I am trying figure out the best way for me to finish off my gradations quilt, I want it done right so I am doing some practice runs. This is how it would look doing a facing, Im not happy with the inside corners and I am afraid to clip them any closer to the stitching.... this look is not making me happy.
This is how I finish all my quilts.... do you think I could do it on the gradations? I would have to make the triangles smaller and I might still have the same problem on the inside corners, I am at a loss. So many of you have given me such great advice but it is hard to understand when I cant see how something is done!!!
Please send all ideas!
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