Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sometimes I forget where I live, I just take things for granted, but then something takes me by surprise.

I was going home after a wonderful lunch at a friends house and I noticed this temple, it is right in my neighborhood and Ive never seen it before!

I love the creatures made from plates and dishes.

It was a beautiful place and I walked all around, very peaceful.

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Saturday, 24 January 2009


What is my style? Do I have a style? Will I ever settle into a style?

I am finishing three very different style of quilts and I started wondering if my work will ever look like its from the same person. I guess Im still playing around trying to figure out what I like the best..... it keeps changing. Sometimes I feel like Im about to break out of my box and really do some great work, but then ........ how do you know when youve got it?

I love quilting and dying all the fabrics, sometimes I just feel like Im stuck and I cant get past where I am, I feel like there is so much more that I can create but its stuck somewhere inside me........ how do I get past that?

Ill be back at Nancy Crow for 3 weeks starting in April, maybe that will help. I know that when I was there in the fall I did some good work and I did a piece when I got back that Im very happy with but the it all came to a screeching halt and I made a piece that looks like some Ive done before.

Maybe after I move into my new and bright house Ill feel like pushing myself more and getting my rhythm going. Maybe there are just so many ideas that I want to try that Im all over the map, I just dont know!!!
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Friday, 23 January 2009

I was going through some photos and saw this, I love this, all of us wearing our great skirts. If you look closely you can see that the women have tattoos on their faces.

This was taken in Laos three years ago. I think I need to go back!
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I love this photo! It was freezing cold in Shanghai and we had been out walking when we came to this small restaurant and Richards friend ordered these dumpling!!!!! Steaming hot, they have soup inside as well as the meat. I could have eaten many more!
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This is the coolest way to cook sweet potatoes!!! they were huge and Delicious!
Yes these are snails, they were stuffed with the snail and pork!!! The suace was out of this world, I tried not to be a pig and eat them all.
This is a little cake stuffed with red bean paste, just before it is cooked they sprinkle sugar on the top and finish it off like a creme brulee!
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First off Im glad the I can view and post on blogspot again!!!!

I was in China for a few weeks doing tile work for my old job in Portland Or, I was lucky enough to be traveling with Richard and all his friends. Richard had told them that I love food...... so I got to eat the real thing and I loved most of it!
I am so blown away by the food that I want to do culinary tours through the different areas!!!!!

I will be posting photos of the food for a few days, I hope you enjoy!
This is duck tongue that has been steeped in black tea, I did not know that tongues had little bones in them, I only ate one....
This beautiful taste treat was made with tofu that acted as a wrapper with an egg inside and a few veggies, very good!
This is hot pot from Cheng Du, the outer ring was oil infused with fennel, szchuan pepper corns, chilies and a number of spices I dont know the names of. The inner ring was a lovely subtle broth. You can pick from lamb, beef, assorted pig parts ( I wont mention which parts) eel, fish,veggies to cook in either ring.... it was fantastic!
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I have been in China for the past 8 days doing tile business. We took a break and went to a temple outside of Shanghai, it is a very new one and this was a light show in the ceiling. I loved the colors!
I have been eating a lot here and will be posting some food photos later.
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