Friday, 15 February 2008

I want to thank every one that has visited my blog, you have left such wonderful comments about my work and my blog!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I will be going to Bhutan next week for about one month so I wont be posting anything for a while. I did want to give you some new things to look at so here are a few of my favorite photos. The top one is here in Hoi An at one of the temples, I just got lucky to catch a cat napping!

The second one is about 2 hours outside of Hanoi in a small village. After the rice is harvested and thrashed the stalks are left to dry all over the place, it will be used for building mud houses and fuel for cooking.

The third photo was taken in a Hmong village in the north of Vietnam, I just love this woman.

The last one was taken in Dong Van near the Chinese boarder, this woman was at the market selling her vegies.While she was waiting she was wraping twine that will later be woven and dyed indigo for her native costume.

I will be back!!!!!!
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Monday, 4 February 2008

At Tet there are flowers every where, all the major streets turn into flower shops. This woman was tucked away having a snack!
The market grows so much that it spreads out to many of the near by streets.
The green bananas are used in salads, they are sliced very thin, they have a bitter taste.
I saw lots of apples with the Washington sticker on them, pretty funny to come all the way over her to eat an apple from the N.W.

I have been busy working on a new quilt that is starting to take shape, I will share it with you soon!
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