Saturday, 24 January 2009


What is my style? Do I have a style? Will I ever settle into a style?

I am finishing three very different style of quilts and I started wondering if my work will ever look like its from the same person. I guess Im still playing around trying to figure out what I like the best..... it keeps changing. Sometimes I feel like Im about to break out of my box and really do some great work, but then ........ how do you know when youve got it?

I love quilting and dying all the fabrics, sometimes I just feel like Im stuck and I cant get past where I am, I feel like there is so much more that I can create but its stuck somewhere inside me........ how do I get past that?

Ill be back at Nancy Crow for 3 weeks starting in April, maybe that will help. I know that when I was there in the fall I did some good work and I did a piece when I got back that Im very happy with but the it all came to a screeching halt and I made a piece that looks like some Ive done before.

Maybe after I move into my new and bright house Ill feel like pushing myself more and getting my rhythm going. Maybe there are just so many ideas that I want to try that Im all over the map, I just dont know!!!
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katyquilts said...

Hi Anne! Whatever your style, I seem to like pretty much everything you make :). I also enjoy reading of your experiences in Vietnam. A friend of ours recently moved to Danang to teach English. If you don't mind my asking, what brought you to this interesting country?
Katy S

katyquilts said...

Hi Ann!

My e-mail is 40 miles is close! He is living with a family there and getting settled in having just arrived on the 8th or 9th. Have a nice day! Katy

Deb said...

I was just talking about having a real problem with a piece I created after attending a slide show that heavily featured work by NC. I made this

and decided that my brain was too "Sponge-y" and swore off taking classes until I felt more sure of my own "voice" in fiber. Some may say I cut off my nose to spite my face but these days most people know my work when they see it. If something I make doesn't make me happy, it generally doesn't get to see the light of day as in donated to the Humane Society for critter bedding. It's way too early in your fiber art career for anything so drastic. Keep pleasing yourself first.

Anonymous said...


Keep doing what you feel like working on at the moment. Many of us (me included) don't necessarily have a distinct style yet. We just need to keep working, in a series if possible, to continue developing what will be our style. I believe that your style will take parts from the different things you do, and that it will evolve as you keep creating. Don't worry about it being too "Nancy Crow" or anything else right now.

Connie in Alabama

Exuberant Color said...

I have always said I don't have a recognizable style but my friends can pick out my quilts at a show without reading the signs. They say they can always tell which are mine.

Gail Baar said...

I too have felt like I have so many ideas I want to try, at least for the first 2 years of art quilts. Now I think I am settling down. Nancy Crow told me I have almost found my voice, so I can only keep making quilts and hope it comes. Your quilts are beautiful!