Thursday, 8 May 2008

This is a test

I am trying figure out the best way for me to finish off my gradations quilt, I want it done right so I am doing some practice runs. This is how it would look doing a facing, Im not happy with the inside corners and I am afraid to clip them any closer to the stitching.... this look is not making me happy.
This is how I finish all my quilts.... do you think I could do it on the gradations? I would have to make the triangles smaller and I might still have the same problem on the inside corners, I am at a loss. So many of you have given me such great advice but it is hard to understand when I cant see how something is done!!!
Please send all ideas!
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Deb Lacativa said...

I like the first one. What I did to make those corner problems less evident is switch to a more "giving" fabric than the front side. Something with a weave or thread count that is not as tight as the frontside has more give and,when I ironed those turns, the puckers when away completely.

Quilt Pixie said...

One idea I have seen done, which is way more hand work then I'm in for, but might work for you... is to carefully fold the front edge to the back of itself. Add a batting which is just smaller then the "new" size, and then cut a backing that size. You then hand applique the backing onto the quilt front all along the edge, tucking the batting under the folded quilt front as you go -- Gives a finish like the facing method, but with way more precision and control... (and hand sewing!)