Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! I did this this afternoon, its that groupe of colors that were on the floor! I want to do more like this and play with different lay outs, but this one makes me VERY happy! Its simple but I think it works!
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Anybeth said...

that looks like you....

birdvet said...

Hey Anne: Wow! I was amazed to see your quilts. What fantastic colors! I can't tell much about them from the pictures - are they cotton or silk, wall hanging or bedsized (like Ca. King perhaps ; ) .... I agree we could use a guilt gallery here. There are many quilt makers shops but no place to buy one. Mike bought us one in Corvallis at a quilt shop. A man brought it in, her aunt had made it in the '30's from all her old dresses- the shop owner put it up for consignment. I think Mike snagged it in 5 minutes. It is really lovely. Mike's all ready to buy your quilts off the web - impetuous youth!
It will be great to see you again as opposed to not seeing you last time. Take care with big colorful hugs,