Thursday, 13 December 2007

well this is done.... i like it but it isnt one of my favorites! its all a learning process isnt it?!

i have been asked to participate in a food blog!!! so if you want to take a look its at check it out!

life is good, im feeling a bit like a hermit lately, just going out for dau hu then back home to my studio, i need to get out more! ill post some pictures of my house later so you can really see what a modern vietnamese house looks like.

well thats it for today, its getting cold and breezy out, i need to find my slippers!
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Anybeth said...

if you want to see my fancy Korean dinner go to my flickr site. and yes, kimchee makes you fart. but not as bad as i though it would be.

richopesto said...

Hey I think this is lovely !

Hope your enjoying 'Nam. We'll be there in Feb 08.