Sunday, 30 December 2007

Oh my God!!!! I just found the Vietnamese version of...... kettle corn!!!! All this time I thought the man with the cart blaring bad music was just selling plain old popcorn, now I can have It without having to go to a state fair!!!

Its been raining all day, but I dont mind, I would rather have it cooler and rainy that hot hot hot! I stayed in most of the day dying fabrics and working on the latest piece, which I think is almost done.

Now that I know Ill be going back to the states in September I feel much better about being here, kinda weird. I know that Ill be able to get things there and bring them back and that Ill be with my friends and get creative input. I hope it will hold me for another 8 months, I think thats what I want to do, here for 8 there for 4, did I already say that? Any way I dont feel the overwhelming need to leave like I did before.

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