Wednesday, 5 December 2007

this is what i did today!! ive never done curved piecing before, there are defiantly some things i need to figure out. i do like this and will try it again.
i needed to put the other one away for now, i will bring it back out later.
today rained all day, very windy too.
my friend hong came by this morning with breakfast, ca ri, its almost like a beef stew and you eat it with a fresh crusty baguette.
tonight ill put on my rain gear and head out for some stuffed squid and some green beans!!!
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Cyd said...

Hi Anne, I think your curved pieces really look great... If this is your first attempt, then when you're comfortable with the process, your hangings will be incredible.
Tell Hung I say Hi. I miss the Ca Ri. The Vietamese food in Phoenix doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. Catch ya later...

sandy said...

this piece is gorgeous! wish i knew how to do that technique!!