Sunday, 9 December 2007

well i think im learning some things about the way i quilt..... i tend to look at the small picture, each block is beautiful but then when i look at the big picture it doesnt always look good! i must admit that im all about the color and i forget about the composition, it just starts to look messy and busy.

the top photo was taken yesterday, again the piece has no flow, so today i took it all down and put it back up with some adjustments to the individual blocks, i paid attention to where i was placing them and how the pieces worked together. i think its better but i still need to fine tune it.

sometimes i feel very alone in my work, no one here really gets what im doing. one person asked if i was making seat covers....!

im trying so many different techniques and working so quickly, i feel if i just keep hammering out these then i will find a style thats mine and can then someday create my master piece! o well, i am so enjoying working this way right now.

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