Wednesday, 19 December 2007

This is the newest creation, i really like it but man Im not doing something right!!!! I cant figure out how to keep it from growing , I'm not sure you can see but it needs darts to lay straight!!! Ive done so many different things to try to correct it but it just stays the same!!!! Does anybody have any ideas on what Im doing wrong? I really want to keep playing with curves but this is driving me nuts!!!

On a different note..... I still feel like I need to head back to the states..... I love my life here but I feel like Im creating in a vacuum. I have decided to sign up for two of Nancy Crows class in the fall of 08, no matter where Im living.
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Anybeth said...

that's wonderful news! See you in the fall!!!!!

Lars said...

Hey Anne, sewing curves is tricky, I don't have any advice though, unless...are you clipping the curves after sewing them? It's a lot of extra work but if you clip them and open them and then top stitch along both sides of the seam line it should help them flatten out.Do you have access to fabric glue, the kind that you iron into place and then it disappears after washing? So much better than pins.
Your quilts remind me of some of the african american quilting. There is a specific name for the type I'm thinking of, but I can't think of the word. Here's the addy of one site that shows some of them though
Sorry to hear that you're feeling a little down. Here's a great big cyber hug for you "HUG". Take care.

Lars said...

Belle pointed out that it looks like rather than cutting out the pieces and sewing the curves together you're slitting the purple fabric and sewing the ellipses in. What technique are you using?

Here are the quilts I was thinking of earlier

Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

I really don't know how you do it. But I a like curves too. First I always cut the two fabric together on top of each other I sew with the smallest seam allowance as possible 1/8". I sew two together,lets say from the top and the next pair I sew from the bottom and so on. I keep the upper fabric in the air and adapt it very often with needle down. Take care not to stretch the upper fabric , or else you displace the curved fabric and it want fit anymore. If you want more information you are welcome to contact me.