Thursday, 20 December 2007

And now for something completely different!!!! I wanted to do something using colors that I don't normally use so i I pulled these out of my stash, cut strips and this came out! I really like it, its about 20 x 20", I think Ill do another one later today!

I finally made the decision to take some more of Nancy Crows classes, Ill be taking best of strip piecing 1 & 2 and strip piecing and restructuring!!! They are not until fall of 08 but that will give me plenty of time to dye all my fabrics! This will be my 3rd trip to the barn and i cant wait!

The dau hu lady came to the market today she had been sick for over a week and i was going thru dau hu withdrawals! Ive tried other vendors but hers is the best!!! Ill see her tomorrow.

Im feeling better about things but Im still thinking about a move..... hummmm, it will be interesting to see what unfolds!
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Anonymous said...

Hey Anne, Lars told us to drop by and just say hi,
so sometimes i´m a good boy ... have a nice day!


G√ľnter said...

Wish lovely christmas from Austria
a blogger friend of lars
when you want to go back to the states, do it!

zquilts said...

OMG - This just knocks my proverbial socks off ! Love love love it !

Maggie said...

I was at Nancy's for the first time this May. I will be taking best of 1 & 2 in the fall of 09. have a great time in class