Thursday, 25 June 2009

This is what Ive been doing for the last two weeks! This is almost 200yds of fabric!

While I was at the Barn Nancy said I should use some new colors so she took me down to her dye studio and started calling out names! I have to say that there are colors here I would never have picked, but I really like! Some beautiful greys and browns!

I pulled about 15 colors for another new quilt! Now if it will just cool down!!!

I also ordered 1000 yds of Pimatex PFD, its sitting in Saigon, I just have to get it to my house!!! Crazy!
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Vicki W said...

Those fabrics are awesome!

Jane said...

Beautiful! Nice work!

Sue (Canada) said...

What? No paw indentations on these fabric stacks? Wouldn't last 10 seconds in my house without being "inspected!" Your brown and neutral stack is yummy looking.