Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bulls Eye

Is this a comment of my work?

Here it is and I love it! I am going to sew them together in a horizontal row, I have the perfect place to hang it! This was so much fun to work on, I might even do another one!

Now any ideas about the quilting? Grid, spiral, spokes, what?
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Suzan said...

Love it! Love the color and movement. I also loved the photos of the elderly people buried in the sand yesterday! Your life is so interesting!

Vicki W said...

That's fantastic!

Tommy said...

I notice that you took out your strip piecing that you had originally put in at the barn to make the pieces of the circle fit together better. How come?

Jane said...

Fabulous! You took out your "tornadoes" - do you have any plans for them?

Rebel said...

Looks like Bullseye gets the kitty seal of approval!

It's gorgeous, truely.