Friday, 5 June 2009

New member of the house hold!!! She is a handful.
A friend found her huddled in the middle of the busiest street in Hoi An with motor bikes and cars barley missing her, he swooped her up and took her home, she was just 2 weeks old!!! I got her a few weeks ago and she keeps Tink in line!
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Susan Turney said...

She is beautiful!
I'm so enjoying your blog. Your move to Vietnam is something I just can't imagine and I love hearing all about it...and of course I love the quilts!!!! I'm retired from Northwest Airlines, now Delta, and we're just starting to fly there!! My friend is a flight attendant and is taking his first trip there in a few days. He's so excited.
Please post as often as possible!

divagirl said...

What a sweet little girl, I love orange kitties. She's a sweetie pie!! I jealous about you're living in VN. How did you come to do this? Can you explain to us who enjoy your blog?

I love Asia but have never made it there. So beautiful.

Enjoy the new "baby."