Monday, 16 November 2009

Is there anybody that reads this from Austin Texas? If there is I would love to hear from you! Please email me, Im wondering what its like as a place to live.

Thank you!


Susan Turney said...

Hi Anne,
I don't know if this woman reads your blog but she lives in Austin.
Here's the link to her blog.

Marilyn Miller said...

Are you thinking of moving to Austin before I can come and see you? Oh no!

I have friends there that own a teashop and went to visit. Austin is compared in some ways to Portland and seems to be a very nice city. I enjoyed the visit.

Your quilt color selections always make me happy.

Anne Merkel said...

Hi cousin - I passed through Austin on a trip to Mexico years ago and it was like a convection oven in June. Lots of good music, plains-type meadows, I guess a few hills here & there. Some progressive thinkers from what I hear. It is probably more like Tucson than Portland... Just my 2 cents worth... ;-0 Anne

Susan Turney said...

Hi Anne,
Here's another blogger from Austin.