Sunday, 15 November 2009

75 yds dyed. It takes me awhile to do this, I have to boil water to add to the washing machine, but at least I have one. I love the greys and am thinking of useing them in another This N That quilt.
Here is my latest creation, its 62" x 58" I like it as a simple study, it has given me an idea for a much more complex piece that I hope to start on tomorrow!

I usualy have a week before I have a new idea but now I want to do 2 quilts right away!!! Can I manage to work on two pieces at the same time?
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Marilyn Miller said...


Carol said...

Yes, you can work on two pieces at the same time. I work on no less than 12 to 15 pieces at the time. But, I think I have ADD. LOL
You just go for it.