Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I finished this today!

I liked the small piece that I did a few days ago and wanted to make this.

Sometimes I think I make my work too simple, there doesnt seem to be any depth to this. Im taking it to Nancy Crow and have her critique it.

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WATER and VINEGAR said...

i think everyone believes their own art work is simple and easy to make. But from an outsiders perspective. i think its really beautiful
and i'm quite intruiged because i haven't quite figured out how you did. and you used a lot of color. so no, its not what you think it is... its better. tt

mad elena said...

Hi Anne,
This is beautifully simple yet interesting and refreshing. Love it and the 12x12s - I vote for the last two.
Will you be at the Barn for the first two weeks? I would love to see the real things.