Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Well here is a part of my big quilt that I want to enter in a show. I am very happy with the way the edges turned out! It was a pain but its done! I did the facing method where you cover the whole front sew it and cut out the inside, turn it and stitch!

I am working on another piece for a SAQA show, Ill show you a part of it later.
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Deb Lacativa said...

I knew you would find that method to work out best - many of my older pieces were anything but clean edged and once I discovered backing them that way, there was no turning back.

I always try to put the slit in the back towards the top of the piece so it will be covered by the sleeve. My biggest problem is marking the quilt so I can see where "top" is when the face is still inside.

Twila Grace said...

Wow, I like what I see there. It must be a wonderful quilt to behold.