Monday, 23 June 2008

I am cleaning my studio to clear my head, I am waiting for my next quilt to make its way in there. What to do with all this? I cant bear to throw it away, its all my hand dye and its so pretty! I guess Ill put it in a bag and save it for later.
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Deb Lacativa said...

So pretty - I see lots of strips! Get yourself a BIG crochet hook and crochet a rag rug...I made one and love it. Had to stop at 4 feet across because it was getting tiring to maneuver. see it here:

Terry said...

Hi Anne,
You left a comment on my blog asking if you know me. It came with no email address so I am getting back to you here. I'd love to say, "yes, of course you know me. I'm your best friend. I am coming to stay with you for two months in VietNam!" But truth is, I don't recognize you.

I didn't get the tile you saw on my blog at P&L, but I have gone in there many, many times for inspiration and the hope that I would find something there that I could afford! Perhaps we did cross paths there.

I have just spent upwards of an hour skimming through your two blogs. Oh my, what beauty! Your quilts are really wonderful and your photos inspiring. Why haven't I seen your blog before?! Now that I "know" you I will be back.

Exuberant Color said...

I put a bunch of strips and small pieces in a tall clear vase and I enjoy the jumble of color that way. A large jar with a lid would work too.