Monday, 7 April 2008

This is a new quilt Ive been playing with since my return from Bhutan, the colors are very monk like. I have dyed quite a lot of the red because you can see what Im doing to it, I am looking forward to having a big stretch of time tomorrow to work on it.
This is my brand new washing machine!!!! I am doing my second load as I write. Next week I will do a lot of dying and no more sitting on the toilet!!!

I added a link to my 426 photos of Bhutan, I hope you will enjoy them! It is on the right of the page....>
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DeCamp Art Quilt Studio said...

Hi Anne, I ran across your blog recently (it is a small world!) and have enjoyed your postings from Vietnam. Would love to hear about your move there. I've missed you at the Barn the last couple of years. I'm going in May so won't get to see you this Fall. Good to hear from you! Marcia