Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I seem to have a pucker problem!? Can any one help? this quilt is 100% cotton except the batting is poly.... they dont have cotton batting here in Vietnam. It has been hanging up for a week and it is very humid here, it didnt look like this when I first hung it.... HELP!!!!
I dyed these all in one day!!! thanks to my washing machine, I am soooo happy!
Im not sure if you can see the quilting very well, I am quite happy with it, how ever.......
I thought I would try something different with the back..... please tell me that I should never di this again! I think I will stick to solid backing, I guess I was just trying too hard.
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Quilt Pixie said...

those corners are interesting.... how'd you do them?

Anonymous said...

Did you only quilt down the quilt - may be you may need to quilt across it too - plus poly is usually a lot thicker and the light on the quilt may exaggerate the puffiness a little?