Saturday, 17 July 2010

Well my 28 boxes of fabric and stuff finally arrived!
I have a very small one bedroom bungalow so now my living room is my studio, so much for entertaining!

I have a show in 1 1/2 years from now and I want to have 20 quilts ready and I want them all to be about 6ft x 6ft so I have a lot of work to do. This is the first piece in its infancy.... who knows where it will go.

I have so many ideas rushing into my head and I only have so much time to work... I have a full time job now! I love having all weekend to work! Quite a change from Vietnam!
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Patty said...

Bah-formal living rooms are highly
overrated, IMO. I'm putting a chld's story
time area in mine and my looms will
stay there as well. Now that's a real
living room as I see it!

Marilyn said...

I would love to sit in your studio and visit with you. Beautiful beginnings!

harada57 said...
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