Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I made it home to Hoi An yesterday!!! My bags will get home today!
Here are a few photos from week one at the Barn! This was sets and variables I
The first piece was about contrast and subdued, it took me awhile to like this but it works.

This was the start of my final project of week one, not very interesting.

Here I am showing all the work I did the first week.... some ok stuff
After working on this all weekend I feel that I got somewhere with it, much more interesting! I plan on finishing it and adding a big band of the reds at the bottom.
I will show you when its finished!
Now off to the airport to fetch my bags!
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Candied Fabrics said...

These look great! I really like the 3 smaller square compositions on the bottom right of the last picture! Were you there with Tommie? I THINK I remember her blogging about you a week or so ago!