Sunday, 7 December 2008

I just finished this Im calling it ribbons of joy. Its 71 x 51.
This is sooo different from all my other work but I want to make more, a ribbon series, could be cool.I need to dye more fabric, Im thinking about doing one that is pale pale pale colors, see if I can get past the Easter thing.

While I was in the States I got 2 part time jobs. So I will be going to Saigon for one job and on January 1st Im going to China for the other!!! I am looking forward to seeing China even though it will be big cities. Cant wait to try the food!
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Guzzisue said...

continuing the globe trotting I see, looking forward to seeing your phots and comments :-)

Joyce said...

I think it's fantastic. We went to China last year and LOVED it. Can't wait to go back. We spent most of our time in Yangshuo. Gorgeous scenery and nice people.

Vicki W said...

This quilt is beautiful! I think it would be a wonderful series.